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How to prevent dark spots on face?

Dark spots on face are not caused only by the overexposure to sunlight; they can also be caused by skin infections and impurities. In fact, the chances of formation of dark spots on face are more than anywhere else in the body. This is due to a combination of many factors. The first reason is of course, the overexposure to sun. Ultraviolet rays and sunbeams constantly bombard the face. The skin cells of the face are more sensitive than those of the other body parts and can get easily damaged. The effects of sunlight can be minimized by constant and liberal usage of sun block. People must use sun blocks two or three times in a day. In addition, they must also use additional protection like wide brimmed hats, glasses, scarves, etc.

Dark spots on face can also be caused due to skin infections. There are many infections like acne, pimples, etc. damage the top layer of skin and leave behind little scars when they heal.

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